You should, you sound like such a fun person to know/be around you seem very kinky/flirty/cheeky too I like it.

I am such a fun person mind!! 😄👌

I'd love to take you on a date with a nice meal, a stroll along a promenade watching the sun set, then get back to your house and kiss you as you lead me up stairs, getting to your room I take off the nice guy persona and throw you against the wall pinning you there and kissing every inch of your neck as I then proceed to pick you up and throw you on the bed taking off your clothes as I kiss down your body teasing you making your heart race and mind want me more and more with every kiss.


you're perfect xx

Far from it but thank you!! :)




:) xo


Outtake from MTNC shoot.


Timestamp: 1392288664

they may be old but by good your ass looks amazing, you need to be cheeky more often ;P

Thank you!! And I’ll bare that in mind then :P

you say you got a large bum you should prove it! :(

Large bum? Who said anything about the size of it like? ;) I said it was class!! Maybe I’ll post a photo shoot tomorrow :)

your red lips though, unf.

Thank you!! :3

its seriously fine i just wish you uploaded here daily :(

I’ll try my best to do that!! :)